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Site Reliability Engineer

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Job Type


About the Role

Currently recruiting for a Site Reliability Engineer for our Amsterdam based client!

This role will be perfect for you if you -

🟠Enjoy solving complex problems

🟠Emphasises automation, scalability and efficiency

🟠Has extensive experience with and builds using Kubernetes


The Reliability Engineering team has full vertical ownership of a system, from the server configuration up to the application interfaces. This enables the team to have full control on a service, and avoid situations where different teams own different areas of a system and some parts fall between the cracks. 

The SRE can wear several hats; at times an SRE might be part of the product development team themselves and other times will act as a consultant to support a product development team to implement the Reliability Engineering best practices.

As systems & services grow in size and complexity so too does the operational overhead. It is a fundamental principle of SRE to break this relationship between operational toil, system size and complexity.

Salary / Rate

100 P/H

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