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How do you ask for a pay rise?

Asking for a pay rise doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable and daunting! For most people, there will come a point where you feel the salary you are getting simply doesn’t reflect the value of the work you do. So, if you think you deserve a pay rise then get prepared to prove your true worth and negotiate your salary in a tactful way!

Get the timing right - a natural time for this conversation may be at a performance review when the topic of salary is often expected. Meaning that no one should be caught off guard by you raising the question of a pay rise. However, if this timing doesn’t work then book at least half an hour with your boss for a proper discussion, just avoid meeting close to project deadlines or other stressful dates!

Know your worth - Before you go into a salary negotiation, it’s vital that you find out how much someone in your role should be paid. Research places like LinkedIn, job boards, career pages, Glassdoor and I might be biased, but the best way to get a view on this is to speak to recruiters that specialise in your area!

Build a case – you should feel empowered to negotiated so make sure that you are armed with facts and figures of how you add value.

o Prepare a list of your recent achievements that exceed your objectives

o Talk about the resulting benefit to the company of these achievements

o Discuss any changed or increased work volumes or duties you’re now responsible for

o Talk about soft skills & any training undertaken

Be clear & confident – get to the point and let your boss know that you want to discuss your salary. An easy way to broach the subject is something like ‘I’m looking forward to growing and developing with the company, I’d love to discuss my salary’. Make sure you enter the meeting with a positive, enthusiastic, attitude and always be gracious.

Be prepared to negotiate – it might take time to come to an agreement. Your boss will most likely have to liaise with HR, procurement, their boss, so it might take some time to reach an agreement. Be patient but don’t let it get brushed under the carpet! Once agreed get it in writing!

Remember that ultimately, most companies want to keep hold of you and make sure that you’re happy! Staff turnover and recruitment cost them money, so getting a pay rise might be easier than you think.

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