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Midweight Creative Prompt and Diffusion Model Engineer

London, UK

Job Type


About the Role

Currently on the look out for a Creative Prompt and Diffusion Model Engineer for one of London's most well known agency's.

The clients aim is to merge the realms of creativity and cutting-edge technology. Currently looking for a talented Mid-Weight Creative Prompt and Diffusion Model Engineer to be a vital part of the AI Creative Agency, faith.

This role requires a mix of creation and knowledge.


●  Working with agency departments to evaluate, develop and test all solutions to help increase efficiency and output.

● LLM Fine tuning: Customising LLMs for a variety of needs, this includes tone-of-voice training, conversation modelling etc. 

● Diffusion Workflow Development: Creating custom diffusion workflows for image generation tasks, that can be used by both art directors and designers. 

● Model Integration: Working alongside the data science team to integrate and refine AI models, aligning them with the agency's creative standards and client needs. 

Salary / Rate

30 - 40K

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